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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF Centre, is owned by Dr. Sanjay Desai, who handles all IVF cases .He being a renowned Doctor in this field has helped many women to make their dreams come true. Along with Payal Maternity Home Dr. Sanjay Desai also works as IVF Expert at Wings IVF Hospital in Rajkot. It is a pride taking moment here, that Wings IVF Hospital is awarded as the best IVF Centre of Saurashtra by Divya Bhaskar.

In Vitro Fertilization, it has been a boon for the people who could not have babies otherwise. It is a process in which a couple can bear their child with their eggs. This helps to have healthy babies. It is performed on the women whose fallopian tubes are damaged or broke. This is the treatment used when all other treatments fail. Anybody can get treatment for this. This increases the chances to have a healthy baby & conception. It reduces the chances of miscarriage. 

Payal Maternity Hospital has the expertise to perform this kind of treatment, and has highly experienced and professional team available for the same. The team of IVF in Payal Maternity Hospital is known across Saurashtra and has helped many families to make their dream come true.  

Advanced Antenatal Care

Herein, Payal Maternity serves people by solving issues faced in late pregnancy. With this advanced technology, many women have been treated and have become mother happily. Having special centre for Advanced Antenatal care, gives us to help people fulfil their dreams.

Gynec and General Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery is an art, which helps women to solve her pregnancy issues with the help of laparoscope. Having excellently skilled Dr. Amit to perform these activities. Payal maternity home, service since 1998, has excelled the skill to make women complete.

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